The Ink-Stained Fingers (Poetry)

A collection of poems by Dolapo Aina.


If I knew Would have concentrated on my books, Bothered less about my superficial looks. Should have prioritised and faced my studies, Now I agonise, I cant embrace my riches.

If I knew Rather than listen to their dubious praise, Should have tilted my nights and days. Should have adhered to experience and advice, But my ignorance is paying the price.

If I knew Should have made efforts to make real amends, But now, my egotism has cost me my true friends. Should have bared it all, told her my mind, But now forever gone, she is hard to find.

If I knew Should have listened to my conscience, But rather engaged in blatant nonsense. Shouldn’t have let my being, been of easy virtue, But I knew my worth would depreciate in marital value.

If I knew Shouldn’t have taken that can of chilled beer, A crash! I’m immobilised, the price paid is dear. Rather than being stuck in continuous crime and fraud, I should have moved closer to the Almighty God.


All it takes is for someone to disappoint you, dampening you spirit; making you feel blue. All it takes, is for that expected phone call, which would elevate and make you walk tall.

All it takes is for someone to downgrade your life; not knowing it hurts but cuts through like butter through a knife. All it takes, is that unexpected transformation; sending you blissfully into oblivion.

All it takes is being informed you failed; Alas! They are clueless to the Seven Stormy Seas your Soul just sailed. All it takes is her good mannerisms and gracious smile; Several a mile later, you both decide to walk down the aisle.

All it takes is just a bad choice away from being termed the world’s infamous; or a brilliant idea and you’re called a global genius. All it takes is to dream big and tall; My dreams have never been small, but I can’t reveal them all.

All it takes is to know; that you know not what you don’t know; and so, All it takes is to spot the unseen radar; All it takes is to relocate; dismantle the frontier.

All it takes is to be a line crosser; All it takes is to be the only border breaker.

Dolapo Aina (La Poeta)

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